Friday, January 13

The French Experience

I must apologise for not posting at all during this week.  I guess my only almost valid excuse would be that my orthodontics work has left me so sore and achey that I haven't been up to much at all. 

I do, however, have something exciting to mention, which can wait not a second longer now that my teeth have done with grinding my nervous system to a pulp. 

You know how on my About Me page, I list a whole heap of things that I love?  One, you might recall, was "the idea of learning French".  Well, I am pleased to say that it is no longer an idea.  It is a reality. 

I bought The French Experience: 1 from the Book Depository (notice a link to the actual page so you can see what I'm talking about), and yesterday morning, it finally arrived in the mail.  I've read all the introductions and study plans etcetera etcetera and having  decided to make two pages my goal for an average session, I leapt in and got going. 

It uses CDs in correspondence with the book, so I'm reading, listening, writing, and speaking alternately.  I did the topics of "Hellos, Goodbyes and Introductions" and "The A to Z".  Which means that I can now adequately greet you and spell you my name. 

But twice as exciting as that is the fact that I'm learning this language with real incentive.  I'm learning French because I fully intend to go there.  It's got me ridiculously excited and I might just have to break away and do the next two pages! 

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