Tuesday, January 31

Fledging a Thought

I decided to do this blog this morning because work this afternoon isn't going to leave me with much time after school.  I didn't want to miss out on telling you about this though.

I've been nominated as one of five students to represent my highschool in the Lions Youth of the Year competition.  It's conducted in rounds which consist of an interview, impromptu current affair questions, and a five minute speech on any topic of our choosing.  Now, I don't expect to get past the first round, frankly, because I seriously know nothing about current affairs.  I'm going to try and at least watch the news every day for the two weeks before the competition, but how much of it will stick, (or how much of it I'll be able to stand), isn't hopeful. 

Anyhow, I fully intend to smash my speech instead.  It's taken me a while to think of what I'll present it on, but after much consideration, I decided to do it on what I know best and do most naturally - reading. 

My angle will be the same as the George R.R. Martin quote under the header of Bouquets at the moment - you live many lives through reading, and these stories and characters become a part of your life and legacy.  It's more of a concept at this stage than a fully-fledged draft, but once its written, and in fact, even as I'm drafting, I'll post it up here so that you can read it over and tell me what you think.  God forbid, you'll have some suggestions for it too, as I can't think of a better book-loving bunch than you. 

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  1. I'm not one for current affairs either, my mum thinks I care more about fictional characters than I do real people and maybe she's right. But I think you've hit upon a fabulous idea for the speech and whether they pick you or not, it'll be a memorable speech, of which I'm certain. Do post it here. I'd love to read it! :)


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