Thursday, January 26

A Breather

It's amazing how things turn out sometimes.  The first day of school was Tuesday the 24th.  It raine heavily all day and by the time I was picked up the stream was a rushing torrent - (I'd never seen it with water in it at all).  The lagoon met the road and the kerbs of every street were submerged.  It was a gentle reminder of last years tragic flooding. 

Anyhow, as harmless as it was for my family, it was enough to close school on Wednesday, and today being Australia day, I've had the equivalent of a weekend midweek.  It's been good for taking a breath after an intense leap back into school, and I've spent it not doing anything much at all. 

Tomorrow, if all stays sunny, will be a busy day.  We should be getting our Senior's jerseys, and our laptops will be allocated to us as well.  That means that I will have to pack up all my stuff on Herbie my little laptop, transfer it onto the school laptop, and hesitantly pass Herbie on to my mum.  Hmmm.  I'm thinking that my new laptop will probably take the name of Charlie, as in The Italian Job, but I suppose it will depend on its personality.  Hopefully however, the new addition to my cyber life won't suffer the same monotonous health issues. 

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