Monday, October 3


I'm very aware that I haven't been posting as frequently as usual, but I seem to loose the motivation when I have so much pointless time on my hands i.e. term three holiday.  Anyway, I'm back into term four today, and already my appetite is back, figuratively and literally, as nothing makes you hungrier than several hours of hard work. 

The day started off with a minor dissapointment.  Before we went on holidays, we were promised that we would find out the results of the school captaincy interviews today.  But no.  Not a peep.  I really wonder what is their problem.  It is getting very annoying.  They really can't meet their own deadlines, and they never think to tell us about their changes of heart.  Now we're all clueless.  It could be tomorrow.  It could be next year.  It could be in five weeks time at the academic awards night.  No one knows. 

Anyway, perhaps it doesn't interest you all that much, but the weather has been both strange and lovely today.  After a fine, warm albiet windy weekend, I was hoping for a nice start to the week, but it's turned cold again, with brisk winter winds whisking through the grounds and rustling everything as fervently as possible.  Then at lunch time, there was an immense clap of thunder and it just started pouring with rain, and still hasn't let off.  

We had a glorious time getting to the car after the bell.  It is my little custom to wait for all of my friends who travel in that direction, and walk with them as far as their stop.  This had the advantage of two umbrellas this afternoon and I waddled between them as best I could until the icy drippings from both umbrellas and the slanting rain on my legs was too much.  Then my brother and I just ran for it, and we laughed and laughed and got soaked all the way. 

I took an hour long bath when I got home, and read a play with my steaming legs over the side to avoid overheating.  You know that hot pulsating throb in your cheeks and that sudden sleepiness that comes from having a long, hot bath?  I completely understand why my grandmother always used to fall asleep in the tub.  It's completely soporific.  I thank Beatrix Potter with all my heart for that word!

In a burst of word-loving I looked up the etymology of it and found this:

soporific - 1680s, from Fr. soporifique (1687), formed in French from L. sopor (gen. soporis) "deep sleep," from a causative form of the PIE base *swep- "to sleep" (see somnolence).
Incredibly random, but I enjoyed just unloading this sort of thing onto this page.  I wish I was in the middle of writing a book right now.  I could just write and write and write! 

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