Thursday, October 27

National Bagnold

Today, the 27th of October is the birthday of Enid Bagnold, British author and playwright.  She was born this day, 1889, and passed away on the 31st of March, 1981.  This wonderful woman was responsible for the 1935 book National Velvet, which is undoubtedly one of my all time favourites.  Because her book is so important to me, I thought it would be fitting to, even in so hideously brief a manner, to think of her. 

Very unhappily, I was unable to get an excerpt from National Velvet to share, not owning a copy and no being able to access one on the internet, so that's a bummer.  But I recommend it extremely as an amazingly authentic and delightful story that sounds with an unexpected auro of sweetness.  So a thankyou to Enid Bagnold for giving it to the world.

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  1. I ashamed to say I have never heard of her. I will definitely be adding National Velvet to my 'to read' list!


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