Friday, October 7

All Things Bright and Beautiful

I just thought I'd quickly pop in a post before I get onto my assignments for fear the time will just slip away from me to do it later tonight. 

Firstly, gorgeous weather today!  Wonderful!  It's actually nearly hot, and the sun is out, and that vicious cold wind has gone home to sulk.  It's just a beautiful spring day.  Finally. 

Secondly, I have so enjoyed and appreciated the comments I have received from Tangled up in blue and The many colours of happiness.  I love how I can say something and quickly find that I'm not the only one thinking it.  It's really lovely, and I feel like I have gained two great friends out of my blogging life.  Thankyou very much.  And in response to Tangled up in blue, I have read the first omnibus edition, All Creatures Great and Small.  I read it twice in fact, and it's one of my favourites.  But I haven't read All Things Wise and Wonderful yet.  I have all intention too, and I've even gone and added them to my Book Depository wishlist. 

Oh!  By the way!  Do you know about The Book Depository?  More people do than I expect, but for those who don't know about it yet, it's a very exciting discovery.  It's an online bookstore based in the UK from which you can buy pretty well any book ever for a cheaper price and have it shipped to you anywhere in the world completely free.  For me, it is absolutely essential, and I never buy them anywhere else.  They thing that makes it so exceptional is that you are not forced to settle for just whatever edition they have on the shelf at the time like in a bookstore.  Particularly for classics, you can rummage through basically every known edition, hard and softcover and find the one you really want.  And it is often a lot cheaper.  Definitely go check it out.  This is the url, but you can also follow the link at the start of this paragraph:

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