Tuesday, October 25

A Tantalising Tarantella

Yes, isn't it great how thinking about beautiful words gets you excited?  It got me taste-testing dictionaries and thesauruses like the best sort of connoisseur, rolling sips of fine words around my mouth before giving in to their sweet intoxication. I'm glad you jumped to suggest some of your favourites.

Tangled up in blue loves such beautiful words as 'harpsichord', 'gobbledygook', 'zephyr', 'isthmus', 'bamboozled', 'tarantula', 'artifice', 'beguiling', 'epistolary', 'turtle', 'plectrum' and 'kaleidoscope'.  I love 'plectrum' as well, because of the twanging plick it makes with your tongue.  And 'tarantula' reminds me of 'tarantella', which I equally enjoy the sound of. 

Many Colours of Happiness loves 'cobblestones' and 'kerplunk!' and my brother is adamant that 'napkin' deserves a spot amongst the greats.  It 'napkin' does, than I think that 'catnip' does too. 

How about onomatopoeia? The word, as well as other words that fall under its glorious banner?  Sizzle, buzz, swish, hiss, clatter...  Just thinking about these makes me laugh!  It is a tantalising tarantella of beautiful words! 

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  1. Haha, onomatopoeia is my absolute favourite figure of speech. I also like hyperbole and paradox. And the sound of them, too! And tantalizing tarantella is such lovely alliteration! :D


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