Wednesday, October 12

Share a Coke

A warm shower separates now and my return home tonight after a gruelling shift at work.  My original partner for the shift swapped times, so I ended up hanging around almost in silence when I had been looking so forwards to the lively conversations I could have struck up. 

But before hand I got up to some fun with my best friend, which, though unproductive despite its masquerade of a study session, was probably very good for me.  We walked down to my work together - a quiet, shady stroll into the cul-de-sacs and up into town where the late afternoon traffic was minimal and the shadows were summery and dark behind the coffee shops.  We timed our departure so we'd have some spare time together to kill before I started work, so we went into Woolies for some afternoon tea. 

You know this scheme of Coke-Cola's at the moment, of putting names on the bottles and cans etcetera, encouraging you to share it with a person with that name?  Well, I've been keeping an eye out for those for a while, and have never quite turned my gaze in the right direction.  But this afternoon we found them alright, and out of all the jumbled, miscellanous names, we managed to find the name of one of our close friends.  Unfortunately, as they were not there,  and we were thirsty and excited at finding their name, we ended up drinking it ourselves.  What originally read Share a Coke with M__, now reads Share a Coke with M___ in mind.  So we did.  We sat down in the park and drank the Coke with M___  firmly fixed in our minds.  Or at least we tried to while snorting down the bubbles that wanted so desperately to get out our noses.  I actually really don't like Coke. 

But anyway.  I didn't have anything else to say. 

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