Sunday, October 23

High on Helium

Yesterday was an epiphany of awesomeness.  First of all a birthday party for one of my closest friends consisting of pass-the-parcel, hotdogs, pinata, lollies, dancing, balloons, and presents.  One of my favourite parts was that the party was being held across the road from my house, so super-convenience in that factor!  We had planned a small sleepover for afterwards, so once the last party-goers has been picked up, we packed up, stole back to my house with the helium balloons and fetched my gear for the sleepover (sleeping bag, pajamas, DVDs, toothbrush etcetera).  Then we drove to the birthday girl's house and until midnight, we sucked up the air from the helium balloons and sang songs while giggling hysterically.  We followed that up with a movie which went until two in the morning, and by that time we were painfully tired.  Funnily enough, our faces also hurt from smiling too much.  Strange are the effects of great happiness.

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