Tuesday, September 27

Wandering in a Woody Allen World

I was just thinking before about my affectionate romance with Woody Allen movies, and I feel I might have finally pinpointed the exact reason why I love them so.


This is the first minute and forty-one seconds of Woody Allen's arguable best loved movie, Annie HallAnnie Hall is also the one movie that I wish I could watch again for the first time, and enjoy every line and drop of wit completely new and fresh. 

But I think that it's obvious that Woody Allen movies are full to bursting with dry humour, wit in the best sense of the word, and perfectly worded lines.  I watch them in a state of enchantment.  I aspire to be witty, and capable of expressing myself just as strongly as I need to with just the right words.  And Woody Allen films present this fantasy to me - I am lost in dialogue; lines scripted and acted to such perfection that it becomes nature.  It flows and ceases to be fiction to me, but rather a world in which words pour out in perfect sequence, perfect timing, with just the right sparkling of wit, and aimed at people who can retaliate with an equal passion of language. 

There is no need to burst my bubble with a line like "it's completely scripted - hours worth of writing and editing was put in to word it so perfectly", because I know!  Are you kidding?  Of course.  But I'm past that.  I've fallen into the Woody Allen world where words work properly. 

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