Thursday, September 22

My Christmas Present Project

This week I have been organising my holidays away into segments of reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with waxing and waning interest, movie-watching, working, drawing and watercolouring, studying for my driving exam, meeting friends and spending time with my brother, and, most interesting of all, gathering material for an exciting Christmas-present project that I decided to start early so next term's assessment wouldn't get in the way of me finishing it on time. 

I would really like to tell you a little about my Christmas-present project, but obviously, if you expect to be on the receiving end of this project, proceed no further!

For all of my closest friends I have a little oragami box which I am slowly and surely accumulating a collection of items - poems, pictures, song lyrics, chocolates etcetera etcetera - which made me think of them.  It is a very personal and very sweet way of showing them how much I think about them, and it is great fun to put together.  It is probably better to accumulate these things over a year, but as I started only a few months ago, I'm hoping I'll have enough things in each person's box.  In some people's I don't have anything yet, which is beyond concerning!  Anyway, I've written down heaps of the things I've thought of so far, and I'm now gathering them up.  It's a great project. 

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  1. oooh your Christmas Present Project is SUCH a wonderful idea, so thoughtful :-)

    THANK YOU as always for your comments, it's great to be back blogging again. I am so happy you're enjoying what I do so much :-)

    Sarah-Anne xxx


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