Saturday, September 3

Challenge -The Extraordinary Ordinary

Hello.  I've been trying to study for my maths and ancient history exams on Monday for the last four or so hours but it's been drainingly boring.  My ancient history excursion to the archealogical dig at the Abbey Museum at Caboolture yesterday was fantastic fun and much more hands on and physical than I expected.  Naturally yesterday afternoon I was too tired to do anything except curl up with Dad in front of The Fellowship of the Ring.  (I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed it the second time.  I never used to be a fan, but I thought it was absolutely brilliant watching it the second time with someone who it was also significant to.)

Anyway, I'm cheered by the response you've given me on my suggestion of a challenge.  Would you like a writing challenge then?  There was this one challenge that my mum gave me a while back that I really enjoyed, and it might be a good place for us to start:

Write at least a paragraph that makes something ordinary extraordinary or otherwise something extraordinary ordinary. 

There's a quote that's very relevant but I can't find it anywhere so we'll just do without.  But for starters, I think this gives you plenty of freedom.  How about you have until Wednesday to write it, and then if you like you could share it with us in a comment and I'll put it up, if you are OK with that.  I'll have mine up too.  Good luck!

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