Friday, September 23

Milkshake of Memories

I've been working on my Christmas-present project again today.  I've made a bookmark, drawn a Celtic amulet, found the value of pi to 10,000 places and a put together a long list of oxymorons, which are, by the way, figures of speach which combine contradictory terms, for example deafening silence, half full, and work party.  (There's an exhausting variety of oxymorons.)  It seems that chasing the little things is turning out to be a big job, but I'm enjoying it.  It's nice putting a spoonful of effort into every cupful of quaint and whimsical to mix up a perfect milkshake of memories for my closest friends.  Oh wait!  That just reminded me of my favourite part from Black Beauty by Anna Sewell.

"A regular course of the Birtwick horse balls would cure almost any viscous horse; these balls," he said, "were made up of patience and gentleness, firmness and petting, one pound of each to be mixed up with half-a-pint of common sense and given to each horse every day."

Isn't it so sweet?  It's something I've never forgotten, because of how much sense it made to me at the time.  Anyhow, this project is most definitely something I'll do again.

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