Saturday, September 17

A Perfect Spring Saturday

Saturday morning is the most beautiful time where I live.  The last couple of Saturdays, I've walked the five minutes into town and soaked up every ray of summery goodness it has to offer - the aromas of sushi stalls, coffee shops and charity sausage sizzles, all buzzing with people.  There are people jogging with their dogs or riding on bikes with their babies behind them, people fluttering in and out of hair-dressers, banks, thrift stores and Woolworth's with their sunglasses balancing on their heads, more like fish ducking in and out of coral than anything else I can think of .  Then the golden-crested cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets are racing past, absolute hooligans, shrieking and carrying on delightedly in the trees, on the road signs. 

This morning I walked down to town, humming 'Land Down Under' to myself.  The ducks and turtles were all out on the lagoon and troups of men were setting up the stage and set for tomorrow's Shakespeare festival.  My first stop was Crazy Clarks for some craft items for the birthday boxes I'm making. 

Then I was on to Woolies, where I was after Ferrero Rocher chocolates to fill the boxes with.  I spent a bit longer than I normally would in there because I ran into someone I  knew and danced for a while to 'I Go to Rio':  when my baby smiles at me I go to Rio... de Janeiro...  I bought myself a chocolate Breaka and went on to the video library.  I grabbed a couple of DVDs for the week and walked down 3rd Avenue to the foreshore. 

The tide was up, and the sea was gorgeously flat and speckled with paddle-boarders.  I met a unicyclist, drank my Breaka and finally got home. 

For lunch, we cooked McCain's oven chips and toasted some fresh bread over the heat before taking it all down to the water.  We climbed trees and ate rainbow Billabong ice blocks before walking home. 

I have since spent my afternoon listening to music while painting the boxes.  I'm nearly finished and pretty chuffed with how lovely they've turned out. 

Really, a spring Saturday where I live is a very beautiful time, and for the first Saturday of my holidays, I think it's been incredibly successful.  I'm hoping that with the festival tomorrow, this  perfect Saturday will grow into a perfect weekend.

I was wondering, what to you would make a day perfect? 


  1. A perfect day for me wud start off with cycling in the park nearby, followed by a nice breakfast of scones with my grandma's strawberry preserve and chocolate milk to wash everything down. Followed by a lovely refreshing swim in the public pool, then lunch - something with a lot of rice and fish. Then a movie to catch up with in the afternoon, a train ride to the beach, watching the sunset while licking multicoloured ice lollies, and dinner at this place called Batchelor's where they have unusual stuff like green chilli ice-cream! :D

    And at night, curling up in bed with a nice book like The Collected Stories of O. Henry which I'm currently reading. :)

    That's my plan for Sunday!

  2. That sounds really beautiful, and the scones, strawberry preserve and chocolate milk sounds delicious! I love that you shared this! Thankyou!


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