Sunday, September 4

My Response to the Challenge

Our challenge at the moment is to write at least one paragraph that either makes something ordinary extraordinary or something extraordinary ordinary.  I've given you until Wednesday to write something, but we might renegotiate time frames if people find it hard to meet them.  When you've written something, feel free to share it in a comment and I'll post it up for you.  I'll put people's responses in a list of links down the side for you to read.  Remember, this is just a starting place for future challenges and for now, there is no competition, though perhaps I'll think about having a prize to the best-loved response when we do challenges later on, but of course it will all depend on the level of participation.  For now, it's probably just a few of us having a go at some writing activities. 

This is my response to the challenge. 


When the ceiling began to leak, they used every cup, bowl, pot, pan, jug. and vase they could find to catch the drips in.  That is, every cup, bowl, pat, pan, jug, and vase they could find except for grandsma's white and blue bone china teacup. 

There was certainly something sacred about her teacup.  There was never any discussion.  Even when every thing else was used up, nobody considered for a moment using that particular teacup.  There was an unspoken agreement, heavy like an ancient and venerated charm in the air.  Grandma has always taken tea in that cup. 

To use Grandma's teacup would have been much the same as eating out of her majesty, the Queen's own crown.  It needed no discussion.  They knew without speaking, nearly without thinking, that it was wrong.  Just the same as respecting royalty, Grandma's white and blue bone china teacup was sacred.  So the drips continues to tinkle hour after hour like fairy chimes into every last cup, bowl, pot, pan, jug, and vase they could find. 

Perhaps I could have made that ordinary thing a little bit more extraordinary, but I'm still satisfied with this little short story.  Hope you enjoy it and that you get time to write a response to the challenge, too.


  1. Book Florist! I love your passage! Absolutely love it! Great job on the challenge. Very poignant and excellent title, too.

    Well, since you've so beautifully made the ordinary quite extraordinary, I'll try doing the opposite with my paragraph.

    This was actually my entry for the 55-word fiction contest on a website recently and I'm modifying it slightly so it fits with the theme of the challenge.

    'The world's last genie's lamp was discovered accidentally by a crocodile who brushed past it one summer's morning while prowling the depths of a watering-hole in Kenya.

    This was why the world's last burst of magic raised no eyebrows; only a few biologists noticed when the local gazelles suddenly became plumper, slower, and much, much thirstier.'

  2. Oh my! I have found your blog, and I have fallen in love. Your words are constructed by beauty and wonderment.
    I am following. I can't wait to read more x

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!


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