Saturday, June 11

Legally Drunk on Happiness

Eh bein, we have an entry to the Open Sesame Challenge!  This entry is from Changesofheart, and it is the opening paragraph (and introduction) to the book she is currrently reading, Love Poems from God, which is a compilation of poems (some of which are from good old, jolly Hafiz, whom I love to death!).  This is the opening paragraph that she has entered:

'I hope a few of these poems will reach in deep enough to cure what separates us from each other, and from the beautiful. I hope you fall into this wine barrel and crawl out legally drunk, and get arrested for doing something that makes God proud of you, like being too happy.'

It's lovely isn't it, and paints such a jolly, jolly, merry old picture of joy, don't you think?  So please, everyone, don't forget to enter you favourite opening line, paragraph and page from a book, and feel free even to enter several, if you have enough in mind.  I encourage, though, to mention what the author and title of the book, for the sake of being able to find it. 

Thankyou, and take care. 

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