Monday, June 6

An Epoch in My Life

Today marks an epoch.  Epoch is a great word, isn't it?  I first read it in Anne of Green Gables, and it was in the title of one of the last chapters.  It was called 'An Epoch in Anne's Life'.  Many of you might remember.  But it basically means the beginning of a new time, a new era etcetera. 

Today is my one hundredth post.  I find it terribly difficult to believe, but I don't think Blogger is lying, somehow.  I suppose the little digits "99 posts so far" kind of validate the time I have spent thinking, and even feeling.  I suppose the idea of having taken an hour or so a day to tend to my own thoughts, my own ideas, is grand.  And to think I have done it 99 times. 

It is an achievement. 

Anyonewho has done anything 99 times is bound to think the one hundredth an epoch. 

Today marks an epoch.  It marks the beginning of something for me, or perhaps it is more a milestone in my growth, my maturing, my ripening into the person I want to be. 

Perhaps today is the day that I realise that one hundred times, I have been honest.  One hundred times I have said what I felt like saying.  One hundred times I been kind to myself. 

It is truly grand.  So, while I am sitting in a state very much like floating in a pool, in summer, on my back, eyes closed, smiling, I will say thankyou, to myself, for doing this 100 times.  Because it doesn't matter how much anyone else loves me if I don't love myself.  And I think that the very fact that I have sat here and talked and thought and felt shows that I do.  I really do.  I really do indeed. 

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