Tuesday, June 21

Black Gloves and a Nickel

Hello my dears.  I started reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein yesterday afternoon, but I couldn't begin talking about it until I had mentioned this one last little thing that has been waiting as a draft for the past two days. 

There is a rivetting little scene in The Last Tycoon in which film producer, Monroe Stahr, is feeding inspiration to his colleagues.  He paints for them in words and actions the setting and characters and leaves them hanging to fuel their intrigue and interest in their task of writing a script.  I was actually quite surprised and delighted how it affected me, too. 

I incidentally found this very scene from Youtube, from the film adaption, and thought you might like it.  Observe that Stahr is being played by Robert DeNiro.  I never imagined that, but it's good.

We'll get onto Frankenstein and whatnot tomorrow, hey?  Take care. 

(Ps.  Don't forget about the Open Sesame Challenge.  It won't be open for too much longer because there have been no new entries for almost a week.  To enter, just suggest your favourite opening line, paragraph or page from a book.  When the challenge is closed, we will look back at the entries, and hold a poll on which you think is the most 'interesting' way to begin a book.)

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