Friday, June 10

I Open the Sesame

OK.  So we now have a new challenge.  It is called the Open Sesame Challenge.  I have whipped up a few guidelines on the spot so we can begin it!

So I'm thinking that it's going to last a couple of weeks or maybe longer depending. 

What it is is that you think of your favourite opening line, paragraph or page of a book. 

It needs to be of a book, and not a poem.  We can do something separate for poems some other time I guess. 

You can enter your favourite opening line, paragraph or page of a book by leaving a comment.  So I can display your entry on Bouquets, you will need to have copied and pasted that line, paragraph or page in, or have told me exactly what section it is so I can find it myself. 

I will post all entries on Bouquets, and the title of your entry will be listed as a link on the right hand side. 

Now, for the interesting part.  Once we have finished the challenge, we shall read through all of the entries and vote on which we think is the Most Interesting.  'Interesting' could entail intriguing and attention-grapping or even just beautifully written.  But I think that seeing what you all think is a 'Interesting' beginning to a book will be hugely fascinating.  So don't be shy!  Enter as many as you like and let the games begin! 

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