Monday, June 20

The Book Florist has a Face!

Hello my dears.  I have been wanting to get myself a profile picture for so very long, but I have never had the time or the means to take a photo.  So on the weekend, I did a picture.  It's watercolour, using the gorgeous set my Dad bought me several years ago.  The colours are great, and I'm pleased with the picture, except that it doesn't photograph terribly well.  So this is my profile picture until further notice.  Someday I'll make the effort to do a proper photograph, and maybe I'll get some assistance photographing it better.  We'll see. 

The Book Florist

Yes, so now I'm going to hop into a nice hot bath with Frankenstein.  Sounds like a whole heap of fun, hey?  Take care.

Ps.  Don't forget about the Open Sesame Challenge.  It's still open!  Just suggest your favourite opening line, paragraph or page from a book!

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  1. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    What a gorgeous, whimsical portrait. I love it!


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