Monday, June 13

I Care a Tad Too Much

I don't feel that there are all too many things that I am extremely good at except for reading.  Of course, I can do pretty well anything to an extent, but reading is the one thing that I get excited about.  And because it is the one thing I get excited about, whenever somebody says something or does something which has something to do with one of the books I love, I immediately fall into a hopeless and helpless panic because that book there was my lifeblood for the fortnight or so that I toiled over it.  There it goes, mentioned, forgotten, trodden perchance, and for that moment somebody pricked my soul.  Pricked it quite maliciously without intention, because they brought it up without letting my bursting ideas, memories and opinions recradle that book in that moment.  It's a sad sort of thing, really.  In conversation it is terrible.  But in movies it is nearly intolerable.  So you can imagine my great astonishment, delight and also horror when I discovered that all of a sudden, it seems that everything I love is being adapted for film.  It seems that I was born just at exactly the right time to be exactly the right age in exactly the right mind-space to see everything I love be adapted.  Incredible. 

I think that you will probably will be astonished, delighted and horrorfied also when you hear what the notoriously hopeless film industry is going to attempt recreating:
  • Wuthering Heights.  I started crying when I heard that two nights ago.  It is probably the one book that truly deserves being a movie, but I so hope with every inch of aching heart that it will be a wonderful moment and not a horrible one, when it is done.  I think if it is done well and properly, I will be a sobbing mess in the cinemas when I see it - sobbing with joy that it is really good, and also sobbing because if it is really good, it is going to be such a tragically sad movie! 
  • Anna Karenina!  I can hardly contain my qualms when I heard that it's probably going to end up as a Keira Knightly and Jude Law number.  I need no hollywood stars, just anyone at all who could possible play it well.  Because this is a story that needs telling, but it needs telling properly!  Oh gosh!  I so hope it's told properly!  Oh, I care too much!
  • The Great Gatsby!  This one, at least, we have nothing to fear.  It is being made by Baz Luhrman, an Australian director, who makes movies every one of them obscurely, but brilliantly.  And of course Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby... well he is reflected in every line and movement of Gatsby in the book so really, there couldn't be a more perfect actor. 
Isn't it so desperately horrendous and terrific when something you want so badly sounds like it might just possibly be about to come true, but there is the risk that it will either make this story alive again for everyone to adore with new passion, or that it will have been better off that it was never done, because it defamed it in an atrocious fashion before the multitudes!  Oh!!!!!  Three books that have delighted and astounded me so as to have become to the bricks to my opinions, the foundation to my tastes, and stories that I will never, EVER forget because of the impact they had on me, will be released in this way to the world.  Oh!  Uuughh!  I don't even know what to say now!!!  They are three of the best books ever written, and I just hope so badlly that my soul doesn't get pricked again. 

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  1. I noticed you're reading Hitchhiker's Guide - one of my favorite books of all time! I can't wait to hear what you think about it!


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