Friday, June 24

The Gorgeous and Glorious Connection

There's an interesting sort of thing about holidays.  You spend the entire semester burning your mental capacity to a crisp to even submit your assessment, and every moment you long with your entire being to have a holiday.  Then right at the end, there is an awkward little bit of aftermath - about a week and a half - in which you don't have to do anything except turn up.  There are no assessments or assignment work; just some introductions to the next unit's topic perhaps and some movie-watching, maybe even ducttape your teacher to his chair and watch him fall on his face trying to get out if you're lucky.  And it is during this little time that everyone calms down, freshens up and gets ready to enjoy themselves immensely. 

I did.  I had a most beautiful week this week.  Every single lunch break, I plonked myself down amidst my friends and we milked the last drops of available time for the oppertunity to play card games, laugh especially loud, tell great and glorious stories and in general, enjoy the company to the max.  I feel more connected this one week than any week of my life.  I don't remember ever feeling this in tune before, and I think I would certainly have remembered it as significant if I had. 

I just really revelled in everyone's company this week.  I laughed so loudly and frequently with my beautiful best friend O, and also with M, and S.  I silently adored K, because she is sweet and adorable and so bold with her passions that I couldn't help but listen to her constantly.  I laughed at and with the other M, who certainly gave me a lot to laugh at and with.  T. wrinkled his nose when he laughed and that was plenty.  And J. and A. and Y. and J. all made it seem like home.  I enjoyed it so extremely, fully and unreservedly that when we walked out of the gates together on our ways home, I couldn't retain the tears when I wished them goodbye for the holidays. 

Midway through the term, my pores were screeching for a break, but the aftermath of the burnout was such a glorious and gorgeous holiday in itself, that I don't want the holiday.  I was too in love with being utterly connected. 

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