Monday, March 25

Are you Up for a Challenge?

I want to do a challenge!  A challenge with a prize!  Have your ears pricked up yet?

One of my hopes for this year is to be able to hold regular challenges and give out prizes, knowing that people will get involved!   

I've seen the statistics for this blog's page views.  It's clear that Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils is being read anonymously by hundreds of book-lovers around the world, so it would be amazing to start seeing some hard evidence.  

Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils has readers
from all over the world

I guess what I'm asking for is an expression of interest.  

Comment, 'follow', or select any of the 'reactions' (beneath this post), to let me know that you're keen.  

If I get five responses by Monday 1st April, we'll have our first challenge the following week.  

You don't need a Blogger or Google account to comment.  Just select 'Name' or 'Anonymous' to leave one quickly and easily.  

Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils was always intended as a place for book-lovers to voice their passions, so imagine how great it will be if more people spoke up and shared their feelings.  

I already have a lovely challenge (plus a great prize) in mind.  

Oh, and before I forget, thankyou to everyone who has read this blog, anonymously or not, your page views are valued.  


  1. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzApril 03, 2013

    Eek! Very excited! CHALLENGE TIME!!!

  2. Haha, it's fantastic to see you're so keen! Alrighty then!

  3. Hi to 'tattoos designs'. Glad to see you're interested in being part of the challenge, so please, don't be shy. You can leave a comment with your response to the challenge question: "if you could only take one book with you on an around-the-world trip, what book would it be and why?" Thankyou for commenting, and I hope to hear from you again!


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