Sunday, December 18

Two Teen Milestones

I'm strangely not in the mood for blogging, reading, writing, movie-watching or anything, basically, than watching E.R. which I think is a sure signifier that I'm hooked on this TV series.  Anyhow, there are two things that I thought you'd like to know.  Two teenaged milestones reached in under a week!
Milestone Number One:
I finally got my learners license!  Yes, I'm a year overdue, and no, "too busy" probably doesn't sound like much of an excuse, but I can assure you that it's only these holidays that I've had the time to study for the theoretical exam.  I haven't actually started driving, but it's going to start happening. 
Milestone Number Two:
I dyed my hair.  I was always pretty proud that I hadn't ever done anything drastic to my hair, and along with my unpierced ears, polish-less nails and unmade-up face, I had intended to keep it that way.  But I love the colour orange.  If I could have chosen, I would have been born a redhead, which is hard for my redheaded friends to understand.  My dad works in oncology sometimes as an art therapist and has often stressed to me how much I should appreciate my hair.  He says to me "do what you want with your hair because I trust you and you never know how long you will have it".  So I decided to take a plunge.  Not a big one, nor a permanent one.  I used an orange rinse (lasts a maximum of eight washes).  Sadly, as my hair is very dark brown, the difference is very subtle.  But it has auburned-up the sun-bleached streaks in my hair and given it on the whole a sort of Jaffa glow, which I'm enjoying a lot.  So on the whole I think the experiment was worthwhile.  And after it washes out, I intend to give the red rinse a go, because it is recommended for dark hair and so I should get some pretty out there results.  And anyway, it's Christmas, so red is very appropriate, right?

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