Friday, December 9

The Poetess

My dad has started a new habit for himself - at least once a week, he will watch a Ted Talk.  Ted Talks are posted on this site, and are talks on anything and everything, under the banner of "ideas worth spreading".  There are talks on everything, and once on the webpage, you can select to see all tabs and there chose a talk that focuses on your area of greatest interest.  There is however, such fun in hearing about something completely random and being blown away by it unexpectedly.  So far we've watched DNA scientists and genetic researchers, authors, singers, professional illusionists and magicians, musicians, storytellers, historians, film-makers etcetera. 

But what I really wanted to show you is a 12 minute "talk" by this amazing spoken-word 'poetess' and storyteller, Sarah Kay.  Through song she forms a connection with her audience, followed by her poem, her story and another poem.  Please watch it!  The final poem is breathtaking.

That final poem films a lot like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close to me, with that feel of tiny details being so important and personal and perfect.  Isn't she an absolutely wonderful storyteller?  Our breaths were taken away when we first watched it, and we were reduced to tears.  Her articulation, even her gestures, just fill out her words so that you get so deeply lost within them.  What I would give to have the power of words as she does.  It is so beautiful!  What do you think?


  1. Ooh, I'll have to watch this when I get home, it sounds amazing!!!

    And I'm so glad you have started watching Pushing Daisies :) I recommend getting the first season though, it's so so much better. The second season got a bit disjointed because it was cancelled.

  2. I really really loved TED talks myself! I actually attended their live lectures at our university hall a couple of times which was amazing! There's always these really inspirational and exciting people they get. I'll watch this soon, my lappy's not co-operating for some reason right now. And yeah, the first season is wayyy better. I wish they hadn't cancelled it. It was an excellent series. I dont know why American tv bosses do this, they start off with a great concept, but the moment the ratings drop they cancel the series. They really dont even consider letting it breathe a little. I am never going to forgive Fox for what they did to Firefly!

  3. I just saw this video and oh my! I didn't know about spoken word artists before but I looked more up on youtube..this is fabulous stuff! Thank you, Book Florist! :)


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