Tuesday, December 13

Three's Company

You might have noticed that I've put three books under the What We're Reading Now banner, and indeed that does mean that I am in fact reading three books at once, which is scary stuff.  Well, what with my aggravatingly slow holiday lifestyle, reading what I've felt like when I've felt like it has worked fine for me. 

As a matter of fact, I've been reading a whole lot more of Everything is Illuminated than anything else, and in a single binge, I've been consuming up to a fifth of the book.  But it's been good, going to bed at nine ish, depending on the movements of the rest of the family, and just reading until I'm too tired to prop my eyelids open any longer.  It's funny, actually, because it feels like once I start reading, no matter how tired or energetic I was when I sat down to begin, it sets a timer of approximately 45 minutes before I have been rendered almost unconscious by creeping sleep.  It certainly gets me in the mood to dream, which I've been enjoying more than anything these holidays. 

I think that although I'm usually opposed to reading more than one book at a time, having more than one storyline at once and, more importantly, having the choice between these storylines is keeping my reading fresh and more appealing.  It's become like chosing which chocolate to eat from a box. 


  1. Wow, you've been having a thoroughly wonderful time! :) And The Thorn Birds I read when I was in school and I've some really great memories. Justine was my favourite character in the story though she came along pretty late in the book and I really liked Frank, too. Have you seen the tv series they made out of it? It's pretty great too.

  2. I love the chocolate analogy! I have never read more than one book at once, but I may have to try it :) I'm glad you're enjoying your holidays, they sound heavenly. I can't wait to begin mine- what I'm looking forward to most about Europe is the idea of reading and writing in such a beautiful setting!


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