Tuesday, December 6

Strenuous Relaxation

I have successfully done nothing today.  Well, I successfully did nothing of any consequence today.  I haven't changed out of my pajamas and the sudden welcome cold snap has given me the oppertunity to wear a cuddly jumper as well.  So with a warm sleeping-bag pulled over my lap and several cups of tea, I surrendered my free time to the myriad of DVDs and games I'd rented for the week. 

Firstly, I've been playing the new PS3 game, Skyrim the last two days (I rerented it so I could get an extra day out of the overnight hire).  Please don't take me for one of those full on gamers, because I never, except for the last two days, ever plays video games.  But I've kind of got myself into this Lord of the Rings mindset, so I'm all hyped up about walking cross country and riding the horses, revelling in the drawn-out quest feel of travelling (I actually bought a horse so I could leave off stealing them). 

On a DVD note, I'm watching the TV series, ER (Emergency Room), which my parents enjoyed years ago.  And as a follow up from your recommendations, I've also started watching Pushing Daisies.  I've been really enjoying it too!  I love what Chuck wears, and both costume and set design is so refreshingly bright and sunshiney.  I love that Tim Burtonny music style and the narration, which gives it that gorgeous homey feel.  I can completely see why you both enjoying it so much!  The only catch is, however, that my video library doesn't have the first season, so I've had to brush up on the details and relationships via Wikipedia, and carry on with the second season.  Have I missed too much?  I couldn't stand to be deprived of the experience just because they didn't have the first season.  I seem to have caught up anyway

And the last thing I can think of to mention is that I taped The Last Tycoon on television a couple of days ago and I'll watch it on Thursday when I can have the house to myself.  I can't wait to watch the movie of the book that blew my brains.  Should be good!

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