Saturday, June 1

Potty-Mouthed Poet

I'm so very close to finishing my first semester of university!  Unfortunately, that also means that everything is due.  

I was putting together my writing portfolio for submission on Monday, and I remembered I had to take photos for my 'Experimental Piece'.  

We were challenged to explore the limits to which we could push ourselves, breaking our habits, and playing with the physical form of our written work.  

I asked myself, how could the physical form of my written piece help me to tell the story?

So here's what I decided to do.  I wrote a short poem, line by line, on sheets of toilet paper, so it can be read gradually off the roll.  

My experimental writing piece, titled "Where My Words Go" (Copyright 2013)

It was great fun coming up with idea, and I had so much inspiration for it, it was hard to settle on the one!  As I continue on in this course, I'm going to keep my mind open to weird and wonderful ideas.  There are no limits to what we writers can do.  

Some of my other ideas included:

  • Carving into tree trunks
  • Messages in bottles
  • Writing on origami cranes 
  • Leaving poems on post-it notes in public places for strangers to find

Feel free to steal these ideas and go nuts, or come up with your own.  This is a great and eye-opening writing exercise.  To get started, just ask yourself:

How does the physical form of your written piece help you to tell your story?  

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