Friday, June 14

Going Gaga for Tintin

Although I adored Spielberg's recent adaptation of The Adventures of Tintin, I had never considered reading the original stories.  That is until I dropped into the library for some holiday reading.  I made a bee-line for the children's section with Enid Blyton and Lemony Snicket in mind, but I ended up grabbing two volumes of Hergé's The Adventures of Tintin in my eagerness.  

I never imagined what I was getting myself into.  

The Adventures of Tintin are comics, written in and around the 50s.  They are adventure stories, offering plot twist after plot twist, packed with suspense and action so that from start to finish, I had barely a second to catch my breath.  

I don't believe that I've ever been so entertained before, even by a movie.  Because while even hardcore action movies have slow scenes and plenty of talking, Tintin is a wild, racing wonderland of fun.  

The action is propped up by slap-stick comedy and endearing character development which leaves you with a little bit of a crush on the dashing young protagonist.  Or maybe that's just me.  He has such a great heart and a lovely old-fashioned manner of speech, that it's impossible not to adore him.  

I am in awe of Hergé's talent for plot-writing.  It feels like he pulls out all the stops in each comic, leaving me wondering, how can he possibly top that in the next?  But of course he does!  

Helicopter chases, boobie-traps, explosions, avalanches, car pursuits, sword duels and gun fights, ship-wrecks, kidnappings, horseback chases, Indians, cowboys, gangsters, you name it.  It doesn't get more exciting than this!  

I find myself giggling aloud and gasping and cheering even when I'm in public.  The Adventures of Tintin are irresistibly wonderful!  

To read more about the incredible Hergé.  

To read more about The Adventures of Tintin on the official website.  

Please also watch the trailer for the Spielberg and Peter Jackson film adaptation.  It is a fantastic adaptation that combines an all-star cast and crew to faithfully portray the characters and action of the comics on screen:

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