Wednesday, June 5

A Sweet Tooth for Ian McEwan

I just started reading Ian McEwan's Atonement.  Ever since I read the first chapter for a study in narrative voice in my Creative Writing course, I have been hooked and desperate to read more.  

I feel like so many of the things I have experienced and felt in my short life on earth have been validated and articulated beautifully in the first two chapters alone!  

Here are some of the things that critics have written about it:

'It is rare for a critic to feel justified in using the word "masterpiece", but Ian McEwan's book really deserves to be called one'

'Subtle as well as powerful, adeptly encompassing comedy as well as atrocity, Atonement is a richly intricate book ... A superb achievement'

'A slow, suffocating build-up of tension from a master of suspense; his most powerful novel to date'

Ian McEwan was recently on Jennifer Byrne Presents on the ABC.  The interview, focussing on his latest release, Sweet Tooth, gave me insight to the author's life and backstory, his writing style, and his attitudes on writing.  

I've included the video here, as I'm aware that readers outside of Australia might have issues watching the original video on the ABC website.  

It is well worth a watch, even if you have no intention of reading Atonement or anything by McEwan for that matter, simply because of the perspective and insight it offers into a writer's life.  For writers and readers alike, this is a great watch:


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