Sunday, April 22

The Perfect Private Library

I have a challenge for you!  This is something I am always thinking about, and maybe you too, as a book lover yourself, will appreciate the hours of dreamy consideration that can go into this topic.  

If you could have your dream private library, what would it look like?

I have pondered and pondered this for years.  When I'm stressed out, this is what I think about as I'm going to sleep to make myself calm and dreamy.  For me, it is an ongoing process of adding little things every time I see something new that fits into my dream.  

So far for me, the perfect private library in a cosy place, with white, wooden, ceiling high, inbuilt book shelves.  I would adore one of those ladders on a rail with which to reach the top shelves, and an alcove window seat in which to huddle.  I visualise it as the perfect place to sit when it is a rainy day, or in the morning and the golden sunlight streams in as speckles through the gently waving leaves of the tree outside.  

I would like a fireplace.  And a high backed leather armchair that you sink into and are hugged back by.  What else?  What else?  I'm buzzing with thoughts, but I want to spend some time pulling out photos and thinking about it more carefully.

I love little balconies!!!

So here is your challenge.  What would your dream private library look like?  This week I will post some scraps that together make up my dream library.  

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