Saturday, April 7

The Hills are Alive!l

My mum has been fretting for a long time over the fact that none of her children have ever watched The Sound of Music.  She says that The Sound of Music, Chariots of Fire, and Gone with the Wind are all films that are absolutely essential to watch some time in your life.  

I had this drama teacher once.  She was fifty years old and her goal in life was to never watch Titanic.  As much as I thought that was ridiculous back then, I understand know just how easy it is not to watch something.  You just deliberately never get around to it.  And it was thus that us three kids never watched any of our mother's essential films.  

Until today.  It had been simmering on her mind for a week and it finally came to the boiling point.  Knowing how unmotivated we were, she enticed us with a "Sound of Music party", which involved us sitting for three hours in front of the TV, eating the Easter cake and drinking apple juice, because she forgot to buy lollies when she went to Woollies to buy some lollies.  Yes, we were all a bit annoyed about the lollies.  

But I did really enjoy it.  I loved Julie Andrews and her voice and her smile and her hair.   I'm secretly delighted mum forced us to watch it, because I feel like I'm more connected now, like I've experienced something that emits me into the greater population of the world.  My hills are finally alive with the sound of music!

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