Wednesday, April 18

Eagle Rock

Yesterday and today I have enjoyed the first musical rehearsals for July's production, The Great Australian Rock Musical.  We started at the start, with the choreography of the Eagle Rock dance.  Act One, Scene One takes place at a bachelor and spinster ball in a rural Australian town.  After curtains go up, we eventually fall into a massive heel and toe style dance complete with shimmying and twirling.  When all the dancing ends, us four mains introduce a game of spin the bottle.  The stakes are that whoever the bottle points to, you marry, and it is thus that both my own and my co-star's characters gets engaged to our partners from the dance.  

Not being a dance student myself, it's taken a lot of effort to completely learn a dance from scratch and perfect it is two afternoons, but seriously, I have never been happier.  

This whole thing has been like a happiness detox for me.  I woke up this morning with such a grin on my face, and all day I've been smiling and giggling and generally feeling great.  I love it because I'm surrounded by wonderful people, and all the singing and dancing, which is beginning to feel more natural, is enormous fun.  

My dad said that unless I approach these rehearsals as a fun break from school, I will just end up getting to swamped with the accumulated work load.  I won't have any problem with that.  I am definitely in the position to have an amazing time - an escape into a refreshing and enlivening environment.  This will be fun.

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