Sunday, November 20

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Aughh!  I'm so sorry for all the silences.  I haven't been able to get the pictures of my Christmas cards ready for a grand revealing, but I'll try and compensate with some stories from the last couple of days. 

The birthday party I went to last night was wonderful fun, but on arrival home, I was so utterly danced out that speech itself was a huge inconvenience.  Predictably, I shed the shoes after a few songs, and the dancing succeeded to rubbing my toes raw.  I'm astounded my legs don't ache after it all, but maybe I'm fitter than I thought.  Pleasant surprise.  Still.  Sore toes.  I also manage to take some very lovely photos, and after six and a half hours of reminding the DJ, he finally played my requested song, the Beach Boy's Wouldn't it be Nice.  And it was the second last one he played before I was picked up, so that was auspicious timing!  That song is a bit of a thing for me, and I'm not even all that sure why.   

Maybe it's that when I'm singing to it, I fall in love with the idea of love.  That is definitely something I would do.  I tend to fall in love with the idea of things, as well as the thing itself.  That song reminds me of things I did, said and thought about, and still continue to think about and dream about.  Having that song, and having it with those people, made my night. 

Well, today, I've been disgustingly lethargic.  I have my English exam block tomorrow, and today has been a failing attempt to prepare for it.  But seriously, when there is not a grain of energy left in you, and your can hardly keep your mouth closed and your eyes open, how can you do anything?  I loitered in avoidance for hours and then tried to doze it off.  But after startling myself awake after an hour and finding that my room was beginning to boil with the heat of the afternoon, I was actually worse off.  Right now, I'm looking so so so so so forward to having a shower tomorrow morning, an orange and a bowl of cereal for breakfast and getting dressed with that lovely feeling of pure cleanliness.  Cleanliness.  Wouldn't it be nice?

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