Thursday, November 10

Extremely Sick and Incredibly Tired

Well, it's beginning to heat up now!  At the super pointy end of the year, everything is suddenly due and there is suddenly no time for it.  Not to mention I have suddenly come down sick.  Not retchingly ill but certainly sicker than usual.  My nose has been running like a tap and my throat is sand paper.  I am proud of my remedies, however ineffective they seem to be so far. 

I have so far enjoyed:
  • Black tea with honey
  • Salt water gargle
  • Betadine gargle
  • Two cold and flu tablets
  • One Vitamin C tablet
  • Eucalyptus lollies and
  • Blackcurrent Fisherman's Friends
And all the while, I have on my mind an Ancient History assignment due tomorrow, a huge drama performance on Monday, a Modern History assignment on Tuesday, and English and music assessments to have complete within next week. 

But in all this mess of tissues and text books, I have found Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close a shining light of glory.  I have structured my day around it.  I stop studying at half past nine and hop into bed with a cup of tea to read until my eyes droop.  I am enjoying it so much, and dreading every second the imminent closure.  I'm reading too much!  I will finish it so soon and then what life line will I have to clutch at as I plummet down the rabbit hole to completion of grade eleven?  That was a cheesy line.  Anyhow, do any of you have a burning suggestion for what I should read next?  My last couple of books have been unbelievably perfect, and I want to continue on this ride of great reads. 


  1. I think you've more than covered all your bases with those remedies there! :D Good luck with the mountain of assignments! The view from the top is rather magnificent, I've been told! :D And dont think that much about deadlines, instead enjoy the whooshing sound they make as they fly past! :D


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