Friday, November 11

King of the Mountain

I seriously enjoyed your comment, Tangled up in Blue, and thankyou.  That sounds like something Douglas Adams said, but then he might have been saying something that sounded like something someone else said.  Regardless of how adamant I was that my various attempts to remedy my cold would work, I am still sick.  My nose is running like a tap, and my face aches despite that lemon paracetamol drink I took.  A full packet of my favourite blackcurrent Fisherman's Friends later,  and I have succeeded only in making my breath smell strangely like alcohol (I don't understand how, though everyone keeps telling me "it so does!"). 

Not to mention my brother had me crying this morning after making me watch this clip. 

My favourite part is the two glasses of water.  Did you get it.  That stung me hard. 

Anyway, my boots are already lighter having my Ancient History presentation finally off my chest.  And I certainly look forward to the view at the top of the assignment mountain! 


  1. Very quick to spot that reference, Book Florist! I am a huge fan of Douglas Adams' writing and his particularly wacky sense of humour. From your list of books to read before you die, I'm sure you loved Hitchhiker's Guide, too. I'm currently reading Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and loving it!

    I have allergies myself and am perpetually nursing a ticklish nose and popping lozenges for the throat. So I more than sympathise. Good luck, again and take care of that cold. :) And try hot chicken soup. :D

  2. Oh no, I hope you start to feel better soon! Get lots of rest and spend your time in bed reading. I find that tends to cure all! xoxo


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