Thursday, January 23

Bookfest Haul January 2014

I went to the Lifeline Bookfest this week and managed to constrain myself from buying the lot... like last time...

You may remember last time I went to the Bookfest I went madly out of control and bought way more than I planned to.  You can read all about that fiasco HERE.  

That's not to say that I don't love my purchases, but I simply can't afford the shelf-space!  So to avoid a similar situation this time round, I wrote myself a list of books I need for uni plus a couple I want for my collection.  

Great Expectations is one of my texts for an upcoming literature unit I will be studying.  Seven Little Australians and Northern Lights are texts for a Youth and Children's writing unit the following semester.  A Tangled Web is a beautiful, hardcover collector's edition L. M. Montgomery novel.  And you remember White Teeth?  I love this book and this copy is brand new!  

I may not have bought much but I am extremely pleased with what I found.  I call it a success.  

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