Monday, August 19

Simply Superb Story Starters

A couple of days ago, I posted my DIY Story Idea Generator.  It combines random Places, Characters and Scenarios to inspire creative and engaging story ideas.  

Here's one that Anonymous suggested:
"Some people may find it strange to see a billy goat conducting an orchestra, but at the local stationary store it is a regular occurrence."
I enjoyed this so much, for several reasons.  One, it is wildly imaginative, and two, it would make an eye-catching first sentence for a short story.  

This one-liner has inspired me to take a break from study and try my hand at some imaginative story-starters of my own.  I'm thinking that this hiatus from assignment writing will be good for me, at least if only to let my wonderment have some free-roam.  

Feel free to use any of these story-starters, but hopefully they will inspire you to try your hand at coming up with your own.  

I've skipped the columns, but you can read about the template I suggested in my DIY Story Idea Generator post.  Enjoy.

"It was with many astonished stares and honking horns that commuters of Havisham Road drove past the traffic policeman, perched on the top rung of a ladder by the roadside and playing the euphonium as if it were the most natural thing in the world."  
 "I didn't know that it was possible for a person to have a goldfish's memory, but the night of the axe-murder at Lincoln's Caravan Park was not the best time to find out."   
"When the fire-breathing mouse broke into the secret underground headquarters, it was necessary to commandeer a pair of rollerblades in order to escape to safety."  

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