Saturday, August 17

DIY Story Idea Generator

I want to share with you a ridiculously simple exercise for coming up with story ideas.  This one was taught to me by my scriptwriting tutor.  I was actually surprised by how well it worked, even though it's so easy to do!  

The DIY Story Idea Generator

Step 1:
  • Fold a blank piece of paper into 3 columns

Step 2:

  • In the 1st column, write a list of at least 5 PLACES that you are familiar with.  
  • For example: a library, an aquarium, Starbucks, New York, Paris etc.  

Step 3:
  • In the 2nd column, write a list of at least 5 CHARACTERS that you like to read about.  
  • For example: a wizard, a bank-robber, a young mother, a film director, a postman etc. 

Step 4:
  • In the 3rd column, write a list of at least 5 SCENARIOS that you find interesting.  
  • For example: unrequited love, a helicopter chase, moving house, a crime-scene investigation, finding a lost puppy etc. 
Step 5:
  • Now all that is left to do is pick 1 thing from each column, and combine them to create a one-sentence story idea.  

Here are some examples:
  • A wizard gets involved with a helicopter chase in New York.
  • A film director finds a lost puppy in Starbucks.
  • A postman conducts a crime-scene investigation in a library.  

Obviously, your lists can be wilder and whackier than mine.  Your only limit is your imagination.  So I encourage you to go nuts with these, and your DIY Story Idea Generator will be a constant source of fun and inspiration.  

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  1. Some people may find it strange to see a billy goat conducting an orchestra, but at the local stationary store it is a regular occurrence.


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