Monday, July 29

The Magic of "What If?"

What if...?

I never considered myself to be very good at coming up with story ideas.  I could brainstorm for days on end but it always seemed that the really clever plot-twists that I so admired in other stories were out of my reach.  

That is until now.  

There is a technique that people in the creative arts know as the Magic 'If'.  The Magic 'If' is simply asking yourself "what if?"  

This technique may seem waaaay too eaaaasy to possibly make a difference, but I swear, it has opened up a new world of fantastic opportunities!  I never realised how much I was locking myself into a box before.  

Asking "what if?" leads to new questions, which in turn lead to other questions.  Nothing is concreted or locked down in this brainstorming stage, so that all of your ideas are allowed the freedom to develop and soar in your creative mind.  

As opposed to the usual boring dot points that I was normally etch down, I have pages and pages of notes, all asking "what if?"  I am passionate and excited about my ideas, because it feels as though each new question is giving me new opportunities to explore the depths of my imagination.  I am in love with my creativity and extremely positive.  Why?  Because anything if possible when I ask "if"!  

For some, it may help to brainstorm your Magic 'If' ideas in a mind-map or matrix format.  Use it for any and everything.  I'm confident that you'll be pleasantly surprised by the power of your imagination, once you give it this chance for a little more freedom.  Just let it run with you!  It really is magical.  


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