Thursday, July 25

Start of Second Semester

I apologise for not blogging for a few weeks, but it does mean that I've built up a little inventory of things to tell you about!


I spent my semester holidays sewing a Ms Frizzle dress for my Magic School Bus cosplay, as well as stitching by hand a life-sized plush Liz.  I promise there will be photos once all the little bits and pieces are finished.


I'm now back at uni for my second semester.  I have two creative writing units, Scriptwriting and Short Story, one literature unit, Pop Fiction in Pop Culture, and one drama unit, Performance Innovation. 

Looking at all the assessment information and the list of required readings has made me very excited to get started.  I have plays to go watch, novels to read, stories to write and even submit for publication to  an Australian literary journal.  Even my book list has plenty of pizazz:  Tarzan, The Hobbit, Sin City, Twilight, and Eat, Pray, Love.  

My hope for this semester is that I will be able to stay un-stressed enough so that I can really learn a lot from and enjoy these units.  I'm just looking forward to having these new skills under my belt.  I can feel myself becoming a more refined, yet more adventurous writer as we speak!  

Oh, by the way, a fellow student and friend in my course has also started a blog on Blogger.  Bettiee Tee is a diary and soap box for life issues and self-reflection.  It's inspirational, motivational, and thoroughly thought-provoking.  I definitely encourage you to have a look.  

Bettie Tee Blogspot 

Bettie Tee Official Facebook Page

Well that's it for now, but so much is happening around me that I'm sure I'll have plenty to tell you about in the coming weeks.  Take care for now. 

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