Thursday, May 16

Da Vinci Mode

On my way home from uni on the train, I like to read the MX Newspaper that is handed out for free at the station.  In the Monday, May 13th edition, a strange little article caught my eye. Have a read of this!

If you can't read the tiny print, here's a transcription of the article:

THE bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code hangs upside down to help him write.  Dran Brown told the Sunday Times about his unusual technique of seeking inspiration by strapping himself into a piece of gym equipment that can be turned upside down.  Brown, 48, said when he suffers writer's block, he suspends himself upside down in his New Hampshire home and the effects are "just wow".  

My Mum is constantly urging me to stand on my head when I get writer's block.  It seems I shouldn't have disregarded this advice, especially since Dan Brown is so adamant about its effects.  Is it all about getting the creative juices to flow to the brain?  I love that the newspaper would put in an article like this.  It just seems so random, but funny too.  

I might be doing some head stands today as I try and finish my short story for uni!

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