Tuesday, July 31

Teased Hair and Eye Shadow

Last weekend was my school's performance of The Great Australian Rock Musical!  I am pleased to say that it went very well, and though the turn out wasn't quite a big as we had hoped, the people who did come raved about it afterwards.  My whole family, most of my teachers, and even some of my old friends came to watch, and everyone of them was surprised by how much they enjoyed it.  

Set in the Australian outback during the 80s, it is full of Aussie humour, classic rock tracks, and plenty of nasally accents.  The focus of the script it to share the highlight amongst the entire cast, and so for a highschool production, it was very special to have each singer, dancer, and actor enjoy a moment in the spotlight.  

We've been rehearsing since the 28th of February, and it seems that two nights is much too quickly for it all to be over in.  Now we're all trying to readjust to normal life.  We can hardly believed how much time we have - an extra three hours on Tuesday, and extra six hours on Wednesday plus an hour in Friday lunch break.  I'm rich in time!  

The performances themselves went very well, though we had issues with miking on both nights.  It's frustrating when it's out of your control like that.  Anyway, no one forgot lines, hurt themselves, messed up lyrics or dances.  Perhaps, if I regret anything, it's my nerves.  I totally took performance nerves for granted during rehearsals and so I was surprised on the night to find that my throat was so dry I could hardly sing and my feet were so sweaty that when I sat on the edge of the stage with my feet dangling down, I was scared that my shoes would slip off, and I would be shoeless for the rest of the show!  

I also learnt that glitter sticks to sweaty palms... and does not comes off.  Oh, and that when you wash hairspray out of your hair, your hair goes really quite luscious and silky.  

I really dislike having my hair teased, I learnt.  Even with very short hair like mine, it is ridiculously painful to brush out, especially when it is stiffened in place with copious quantities of hairspray.  

I did however, learn that I enjoy having my makeup done.  OK, well that's partially true.  Eyeliner and mascara I did myself, and I abhor both inventions with a vengeance.  It was my first experience with eyeliner and I was terrified by the concept of drawing on that lovely little, pink rim!  Anyway, when it came to having the tragic 80s eyeshadow done by a teacher, I really enjoyed the process of sitting quietly with my eyes closed, having someone gently touching my face.  I'd never thought of it before, but I felt it was a lot like having my hair done.  People often say that they find it soothing to have someone play with their hair.  I felt like this with someone touching my face.  I could almost have gone to sleep, it was just so nice and relaxing.  

It really was altogether a wonderful experience - one that I will definitely mourn now that it is over.  

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