Wednesday, July 11

The Musical is Coming Up!

The school musical is coming up soon!  We're just passed the three week mark, and we're both excited and stressed for opening night on the 27th.  We're performing The Great Australian Rock Musical, and I play Karen, one of the female leads.  

We've had plenty of day camps, and every weekend plus Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons are devoted to run-throughs.  Now that we have our full costumes sorted and are starting to talk about hair and makeup, it feels startlingly real.  It's set in the 80's and of course that means we are vamping up every stereotype.  Huge teased or crimped hair, tragic prom dresses, flouncy off the shoulder shirts, metallic hot pink leggings, fish net long gloves, leg warmers, neon nail polish...  

The song list includes:  Eagle Rock, April Sun in Cuba, Working Class Man, All the Boys in Town, Bow River, Run to Paradise, Two Strong Hearts, It's a Long Way to the Top, Help is On the Way, Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy, and  Shout is our grand finale song.  

It's amazing how it's all come together, almost unexpectedly growing into something big and strong from shaky roots.  Although I didn't have much faith in the show to begin with, I, and everyone else in the cast, feel very fond of this baby of ours.  I hope it keeps on developing within our last three weeks, and that the complete performance will be just as great as we believe it can be!

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