Thursday, December 19

Nothing can dampen my enjoyment of Tampa

Alissa Nutting's debut novel Tampa is a fast-paced, captivating read on a controversial subject.  

Basically, Tampa about Celeste Price - 8th grade teacher and paedophile.  Tampa was published in August just this year and reviewers are hailing Celeste as the modern female counterpart of Nabakov's Humbert Humbert.

After only a couple of sittings, I'm 3 / 4ths in and utterly enthralled.  I feel like the writing itself is invisible, allowing the racing plot to hold its own.  It feels completely unselfconscious.  

I have found the reading process to be effortless.  While my moral conscience sends up warning flares every few chapters, I can do nothing to resist the slow, painless suck of the story.  

I think people expect books like Tampa to challenge conceptions of right and wrong.  However, what this novel details is so obviously wrong - legally and morally - that it makes me wonder if insisting on a grey area is actually the point of it at all...  I guess it still remains to be seen.  

Regardless of the topic, Alissa Nutting has written a book that is utterly readable and nothing can dampen my enjoyment of it.  It's a book I look forward to discussing and arguing about.  

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