Thursday, September 26

Who would ever want to read my work?

I went to consult my creative writing tutor about my new story idea and expressed my concern that nobody will want to read it.  She gave me a gem of great advice.

If you're writing something that you would like to read yourself, then that is all that matters.   
There may not be millions, but you will always represent at least a small percentage of other readers out there who like that sort of thing.  So don't stress!

Another thing she mentioned refers back to the idea of there being 3 People in Every Writer: Writer, Reader and Editor. 

THE 3 PEOPLE IN EVERY WRITER.  (Click on the link to read more about their roles and how to use them for maximum productivity.)  

She said that when I'm writing, I'm allowing the Reader in me to be too hypercritical and it's stifling my creativity. 

So to remedy this, I'm going to write wildly and freely, without Reader or Editor looming over my shoulder.  Once I'm done the draft, the Reader can come back and inspect my work to make suggestions for the Editor.  I'm still learning the art of separating these 3 characters, but I'm seeing more than ever how important it is to keep the peace between them so that each can do their job the best they can.  

I'm finding that it's important to trust that there are people out there who like every different sort of obscure thing that exists, and that somewhere there's another person very much like myself who will love what I've written.  Even if I'm the only person who likes it, that might be enough for now... 

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