Wednesday, February 6

Robin Sloan's Codex Vitae

Well, I loved Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore so much that it was inevitable that I would just have to have my own copy. 

From The Book Depository, you can purchase a hard-cover, dust-jacketted edition, with the open hands symbol of the Unbroken Spine etched beautifully into the cream front cover.

The really, really exciting part though, is that the dust jacket glows in the dark.  

This is what the dust jacket looks like during daytime:

 And this is what it looks like after it has been charged under a bright light and shut in a dark place:

It was a great feat to capture this image, but at least now you can relate to my wriggle of exhilaration when I first shut myself into my wardrobe at the promptings of my lovely childhood friend.  And what a great childlike thing to do, too.  With a torch, I coaxed the green glow out of the page.  

I love how this links to the book.  It excited me that by making the cover glow, I was almost participating in the act of solving the codex vitae of Robin Sloan the author, and making a message or a new image or a new epiphany pop out of the book itself.  

This dust jacket has redefined my reading experience!

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