Sunday, June 3

The Fourth Teenager Milestone

I reached yet another teenager milestone today.  I have a humble collection of teenagery accolades now.  

  1. I have my learners license.  
  2. I have died my hair red (a while ago, and it washed out after a week so please don't worry!)
  3. I slept in until after 12:00pm. 
I now have a fourth to add.  I was at a friend's birthday party slash sleep over last night, and after a long night of SingStar, lemonade, chocolate cake, pizza, and sparklers, I pulled my very first all-nighter, sitting up to talk to my friends until 6:15 am when the sun finally rose.  

I am quite proud of my achievement, though I have absolutely no intention to ever do such a hideous thing again.  I experienced a dark hour at about 2:00 am when I was sure I would fall asleep, but after that, I went on happily, and have continued to be ordinarily happy all day, without any over-tiredness which I dreaded.  I will be enjoying an early night tonight to compensate, even though I don't feel tired yet.  I consider the whole thing an immense success.  

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  1. CAN I JUST SAY I'm 21 and I've still never stayed up past ~4:30 because my body just ... fails on me, but I can usually get away with a power nap and be at it again in about an hour and a half. But it's always been for things less pleasant than sleepovers, so congrats on it being a fun thing!

    Also I just wanted to add I'm rereading Everything Is Illuminated right now and I forgot how much I liked JSF's writing.

    AND! I have a weird relationship to Sherlock Holmes because I watched BBC Sherlock (AUGH REICHENBACH) before properly experiencing the ACD stories, and like... I find ACD's Holmes and Watson SO charming, but I don't have really strong feelings about them like I do about John and Sherlock - maybe it's because I've only listened to the stories on audiobook because I can't pay attention to ACD's writing. But yeah. I'm still working through The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (very very slowly... I think I'm on the Gloria Scott one) and it makes me appreciate BBC Sherlock so much more now that I'm picking up the canon references.

    Wow this comment is way too long now.


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