Thursday, March 15

Ten Metres Worth of Mistakes

I must apologize for not blogging much, but with so much school work and so little reading, there isn't much inspiration for a blog post.  (Would you believe me if I told you that Google Chrome is spell-checking this post, and it automatically changed "blog" to "glob".  Like "glob" is a more real word?!!!  What is this?) 

So instead I will do something like an update and reflection.

Well, the process of auditioning for the school musical this year, The Great Australian Rock Musical, have been ongoing the last three weeks or so, so it was a great delight to finally see the cast list, yesterday.  A lot of my closest friends, as well as my brother, also auditioned, and we all went to read the list together.  It was the most glorious thing!  I felt like that was what being at highschool was really, truly, all about - jumping up and down in a group hug, screaming, because we made the lead roles.  Yes, in true Kath and Kim style, we will 90s Australian swagger our way through four months of intensive rehearsals, nasal accents, choreography, and lines.  I can only hope that we make it out alive!

I also finished a thing of tape whiteout - you know the one the flakes frustratingly in wrinkles when you try to spread it straight?  When I finished it, I pulled it apart, and unwound the finished tape out.  There was about ten metres of it, when I spread it out, and it made me think.  In eight weeks of school, I have made ten metres worth of mistakes.  That was definitely a thought that threw me.  

Anyhow, I will hopefully be getting more time for reading, and consequently, blogging in the next week or so.  I assure you, that when I do catch a glimpse at The Slippery Slope by the dear Lemony Snicket, it is so exciting and suspenseful now at the pointy end that I can hardly bear to rip my eyes away and resume graphing linear equations in my grid book.  Ay, there's the rub.

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