Friday, April 25

Zadie Smith for Interview Magazine

Remember how much we fawned over the gorgeously wise and witty Zadie Smith, author of groundbreaking debut White Teeth?  Her conversation with Christopher Bollen for Interview Magazine is a must-read.  

Follow the link to read the interview: Zadie Smith for Interview Magazine

Photo credit: Sebastian Kim 2012
Zadie Smith has come back under my focus for a research paper I'm in the process of writing.  This 2012 interview has reaffirmed my adoration for her.  Not to mention, it's a profound and challenging insight into her writing career and views on writing.  She looks back on her experience of White Teeth to evaluate the change in her writing direction.  

Coming from such an important writer for this generation, the ideas she presents are exciting.  Reading this has riled me up with passion for the art form.  She reminds me of the supreme power and beauty of writing.  

Please take the time to savour this glimpse into Smith's life. 

Follow the link to read the interview: Zadie Smith for Interview Magazine

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